Monday, April 05, 2021

Banking on Human Stupidity

 Have you ever gotten notice of a price increase of a product or service where they state, "we are increasing our price to stay competitive"? Does that make sense on any level? My cable company has done this in the past and I recently got one of these notices from Netflix.  

If they want to be competitive they should lower their price so people will flock to them rather than Paramount, Disney, Hulu... So rather than pay the higher price I lowered my service version from the now over $15 per month to the $8 a month service.  My former plan allowed me to watch on four devices and the half price allows me to watch on one TV and one other device.  I only watch on one at a time anyway.

My cable company has just begun offering a streaming service for $15 per month which I am considering ove my current cable plan.  I am actually at the point where I'd do just fine cutting the cable all together and watching everything I need through YouTube and what ever I can find with my VPN.

Corporate greed is not good and I do not want to perpetuate it.


Blogger Donna. W said...

We have the cheapest plan for Netflix too. You can watch it from any TV (we only have two), but two people can't watch Netflix on two different televisions at the same time. We use Netflix a lot, so much so that I'd love to get rid of Directv, but Cliff hates commercials and always "zaps" them on our recorded shows. I would LOVE to get rid of Directv.

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