Monday, February 22, 2021

Rain and Retirement

I am really enjoying my retirement.  I have a list in my head of things that I need to do and if I get to one of them every day I feel accomplished.  I don't ever set a goal of more than one thing per day because I know I don't have the energy that I used to have.  If I get out before Noon I'm content and if I get in by 5PM I'm very happy.  Things always take longer than I anticipate these days.  I spent four hours putting chains on the lawn tractor the other day. It should have been a simple job, but it wasn't.

I don't set the bar very high at all on rainy days. I always have to take care of the horses and sometimes I don't even go out there until late afternoon.  This may horrify some of you that I only look in on them once a day when it is raining, but I have them covered.  I installed WiFi cameras so I can check on them with my phone at any time.  I can see how much hay they have and how much mucking out needs to be done.  I can even hit the mic switch and talk to them if I like.  I can even hit their mic switch to see if they have anything to say to me. They aren't normally very talkative. That's one thing I do like about them. The cameras also have night vision so I can see them in the dark.

Hopefully the rains will end soon and I'll be able to put them out in one of the fields that they haven't totally ruined.  Horses are hard on wet soil.  I'm running out of room in the manure storage bin. 

Like the horses I want to get out as well.


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Hey, this is more than day old. I want my money back

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You paid to read this?

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