Thursday, May 11, 2006

Looking good?

Being a visual person there are things that really bug my eye. Hear is a list:

Leather pants...There is no one on this planet, man or woman,who looks good in leather pants. That's right, even Jim Morrison, Joan Jett and Mick Jaeger look silly in leather pants.

Only .001% of women who wear(horse) riding pants look good in them.

Next, all those ugly F***ing leg and ankle tattoos are ugly. No matter how cute the art is, when I see them I want to tell those with them that they have a smudge on their leg, but then I realize it's an ugly F***ing leg tattoo, and then I realize that they intentionally mutilated themselves. Oh the colors may be pretty now, but give it 25 years and it will look like a cancerous skin condition. I used to go to this bar where all the WW II vets hung out. They came back from the war with their brands, and after 25 years the words were unreadable, their skin was no longer as firm and it really looked bad; like a cancerous blotch. What the hell are you people thinking.

I also hate seeing people get in their cars and drive off dialing their phones. Are automobiles the new phone booths? Why can't you make your calls while you are parked. HANG UP AND DRIVE! Idiots!

I can't stand seeing political signs on people's lawns. Have you ever been inspired to vote for someone because you saw a lawn sign? The only reason for lawn signs is so you can drive through a neighborhood and feel superior to the chumps who are promoting the candidates you can't stand.

Finally, for now, Jeffers Gardens and Miles Crossing are probably the only reason for hoping for a tsunami.


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