Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Communism Explained

I'm not sure which image I enjoy more here, so I figured I'd share them both. Though monkeys are always funny, and a Commie Curious George...you've got to find that amusing.

OK, I’m taking some crap for calling myself a conservative Communist. Most people don’t understand Communism, they confuse it with Socialism. The USSR was a Socialist society. I once heard it said that in a Socialist society man exploits man and in a Capitalist society it’s the other way around.

Yes, I live in a Capitalist world and I have to deal with the world in a Capitalist way, but my heart is more of a communal institution. Each human comes with equal value. Our bodies basically take the same amount of space. We breathe the same air and the same amount of air. Our life spans are all about the same. We all basically eat the same foods. When grouped together we are all equal.

In a commune, a true communist society, we would all be equal and our time and efforts would be compensated the same. However in a Capitalist world we value an auto mechanic more than someone who makes sure the plates at a restaurant are clean for the food that customers will put inside their bodies.

I do understand that someone who spends ten years in school after high school to become a physician would want to be compensated for all the extra expense and years of lost income, and perhaps there is a formula to figure all that out.

It is said that incentive is lost in Communism. Why bust your ass to become a doctor if you are only going to be paid like a laborer? This may be true, but if your incentive to do something well is money or fame; you are in the wrong business. Those who have a true calling will do their tasks regardless of compensation. It is the task that matters.

Consider what your life would be like if you were paid in trade rather than money. Money is an easy commodity because you can put it in the bank, but what if (not that it will ever happen) money went away and we were paid with hourly credits. You do an hour of work and are paid with an hour of work from someone else. Add to that you may only collect two-thousand hours in one mass, which is enough time to take a year off. Any time earned above that goes back to the community to help let’s say the elderly who can no longer work enough hours to stay alive financially. This is the kind of Communist I aspire to become.

Consider what you would be doing if money wasn’t at the root of your decision making process. I’m sure you’ve heard the adage, “Do what you enjoy and the money will come.” I’ve been monkeying with that idea for a couple of years now, and it’s starting to pay off. So much so that I am now spending time with other interests and they are starting to pay off as well. Perhaps in five years I will only do what I enjoy doing full-time.

Maybe it is time to consider exactly what you are doing for yourself and for the betterment of human kind. Do you have dreams? Do you plan on living in them only when you sleep? It seems we all have the desire to do things for the betterment of the community because with that we all benefit. Community is the root of Communism. If you do something that benefits the community; you will benefit as well. If you are a Capitalist it is more than likely that you will try to benefit more than your community from your efforts. You will alleviate your guilt by begrudgingly paying your taxes to the community. There you still come out ahead. If greed is your goal I hope you will become a success at failure.


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