Monday, June 05, 2006

StopThe Development

OK, it’s time to stop all the building. What is it with people? They move to an area that is unique. It has unique cultures and businesses that are owned my individuals, and soon they long for the areas of blight that they left to move here. Suddenly all the Mom and Pop businesses are replaced by faceless corporations. Their homes look like all the homes in the places they left.

It is time to stop letting big business into our area. Stop it right now before it is too late. When I first arrived here the only franchised or big businesses here were Safeway, Dairy Queen, Pay Less, Les Schwab, McDonalds, Radio Shack and some franchised gas stations.

With the arrival of Fred Meyer and Costco the door was flung open. Oddly Fred Meyer and Costco are the cream of the crop. Both treat employees very well, especially Costco, and both make major contributions to local schools and charities. Though Fred Meyer has become more stingy since Kroeger bought them out, they are still not too bad. I’d rather shop there than Safeway, because Safeway does little for the community. They may look like they contribute, but they really don’t. Recently you may have seen Safeway presenting a check to some entity, but if you read the story you would realize that they collected the money from shoppers and took that money and wrote a check with it. It didn’t state that Safeway even added a penny to the fund.

So what’s on the horizon? Home Depot, which will really hurt if not eliminate our three privately owned lumberyards. Wall*Mart, scheduled for Jeffers Gardens once the sewer is in, and it will kill just about every small business.

Do we need and Office Depot? Bi-Mart? Best Buy? Old Navy? How much do we need to consume? How much more landfill can we create? How much more can we take before this place looks like Beaverton and Jantzen Beach? Where will we move next?

Can someone make Warrenton realize that the money from commercial development will be eaten away by the services that will need to be provided. These businesses will hire people for less than family wage positions and their poverty will eventually consume social services and create criminal opportunities.

If we want to live in a unique area we need to stop the development now. Won’t that be unique?


Anonymous Notacommiedotcom said...

Like your site. What you say is entertaining. Not sure you're right about Wallmart, but you're right when you ask these questions about where things are heading

7:17 PM  
Blogger thisuser said...

Jeffers Garden? where is that?

6:56 PM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

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7:57 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Jeffers Gardens is that area between the Old Youngs Bay Bridge and the Lewis and Clark Bridge on Business Hwy 101. That's where Richard Lee has turned a nice pasture into a circus with a garden shop, golf course and some strange poetable buildings. It is also where Henery Heinkey purchased the Iverson farm and there is talk of him having a deal with Wal-Mart that will happen after the sewers go in.

8:01 AM  

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