Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time For Term Limits at KMUN

I recently had a KMUN programmer ask me if I have been listening to KMUN and I told him that I can’t listen to that station any more. He asked why and I told him it was because of all the constant on-air editorializing by many of the programmers.

I mentioned this to my wife and she told me she stopped listening to KMUN as well and instead listens to the OPB station in Portland. I mentioned that I listen to college radio stations through iTunes and that I’m hearing new stuff every day.

We discussed KMUN further and came to agree that their programmers are stuck. They play the same crap over and over. Most programmers there are older than us and they don’t seem to be able to go out of their comfort zone and play something new.

I do think that Liam, Cynthia, Dave, Susie and Krist to go out on a limb, but their air shifts are few and far between. There is one programmer that seems only able to play Greg Brown and Van Morrison. Another has a depressing attachment to Klezmer music, and do they really need to have a weekly Country Swing show that never plays any Country Swing music? How many people are really all that interested in Swedish accordion music? And that nostalgic old rock show of music that wasn’t all that interesting when it first came out forty years ago, Ho Boy!

KMUN, it’s time to shake things up. It’s like having parents that were hung up on Lawrence Welk. You couldn’t get them to play or listen to anything else. KMUN, your programmers have become our parents. They are stuck in the 60s. Please encourage people in their 20s to become programmers to take over and keep it fresh. And please tell your programmers to keep their damn opinions to themselves while they are on the air. If they want to fart out opinions give them a call in opinion show at two in the morning.

For me, until this station gets more interesting I’ll be tuned into WNYU, WCDB, WRVU and WVTC via iTunes.


Blogger Auntie said...

I like KMUN ! And for many of the reasons that you say you don't. Of course there are a few programs I choose not to listen to, but as a much younger person than you (LOL) I enjoy the Caribbean Moon show, Liam's show, and I lisen almost all day on Sunday,....Opera, Piano Jazz the Oldies show and the Country Swing (which admittedly isn't always swing, but it is some great old Country). One of the reasons that I like them is their predictability! I do mix it up a bit and listen to other stations, but always come back to KMUN.

But yeah, I get sick of Greg Brown, though I used to like him.

5:58 AM  
Blogger mark said...

I was going to disagree with you until I realized that most of what I listen to on KMUN is NPR or BBC programming. With some notable exceptions, KMUN is pretty tired. On the one hand, it's cool and quirky that we have radio shows devoted to, say, Celtic, Scandanavian, country swing, opera, and Klezmer music. On the other hand, I never listen to these shows for more than a few moments before switching to Pandora or my ipod. And no, Greg Brown isn't on my ipod.

7:08 AM  
Blogger JustRex said...

I've gotten so sick of the constant chatter and nonsense on the local radio stations that I rarely ever listen to the radio anymore. I just keep a pile of cd's handy. Stuff that I know I like.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Since KMUN is a community radio station, maybe you would consider becoming a programmer and in that way help the station reflect more of the community, in particular the younger members.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Pamela said...

Guy? Appealing to younger members????? LOL

But you have a point, he SHOULD be a programmer. Time to give up the horses for a new hobby, Guy

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found myself thinking along similar lines last week during some of the morning folk shows. Too many old dogs trotting out the same old warhorses. After a while they go from crowd pleaser to room clearer. There is really no reason for it other than laziness. Kmun gets dozens of new recordings each week and has bursting library on site. One of the oldest dogs up there I never get tired of though. Vern's jazz show is first rate. Even though he's prolly 80, and had a stroke or two. He keeps finding great stuff to play.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Sure, show up for a training session and join the fun, dude. Coast Community Radio is always looking for new, fresh faces, to help out. There is a healthy contingent late nights with a lot of newer, out of whack stuff. Now is the time to dive in. CCR is in transition, with a good chance that KCPB (90.9) will get enough power to be a genuine signal to serve the classical and jazz components, and a new station manager in the wings (hiring process to begin soon).

7:03 PM  
Blogger g said...

More Trini Lopez is needed.

7:19 PM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Auntie, you're getting older so you are settling.

Mark, to me quirky on a regular schedule doesn't cut it. I'd say have one weekly quirky show and rotate them and not give each a weekly 2 hour air shift.

Darev, one can get tired of their CD collection as well.

Lisa and Dave, the point is that I am also too old. When I was in my early 20s I was on college radio. I was sharp and hip, or so I thought. These days I go to bed at 10pm. I am stuck in a music rut as well. One needs a short attention span to do college radio well. One needs to jump around and try new things. Yes, I am in my mid 50 and I'm not afraid of Manson or Eminem, but good radio goes far beyond that. My voice is aging as well. I know the old folks that are the heart behind KMUN have good in their hearts and deep pockets, it's time to inspire a younger demographic to get active in Community Radio or it's going to sound like the stuff they pipe into retirement homes.

Pam, those damn horses do eat up a lot of my time. But if I gave them up I'd probably spend that extra time sleeping.

g, you need to hear Lounge-a-palloza.

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, it is community radio and if you want your community listening (and contributing) you'll listen to what they are saying.

Usually I think twice before agreeing with his grouchiness but here I don't even hesitate. I cannot remember the last time I listened to KMUN and used to be a regular listener and contributor. The continual on air commentary from each of the programmers was just one long commercial for the naysaying squad. I listened to be entertained, to be comforted, to be elevated. NOT to be preached at or to.

Join? No, have my own hobbies, thank-you. Just turned the dial and found what I wanted/needed.

1:56 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Anon, as I've said in the past, Like likes like. They "are" old naysayers and they like old naysayers. To me listening to KMUN is like listening to old folks talk about their medical problems or even worse, their grandchildren.

5:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You want a real community radio program? Patrick McGee. Simple as that.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Shelley said...

Oooooh yes, I vote for McGee too. McGee is for ME !

6:35 PM  

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