Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Writer of Note

Last week I featured a blog and more so the author of the blog who caught my attention. I commented that she was a Republican. This week I would like to share another of my favorite writers with you who happens to be Libertarian. Believe me, I do not seek out these writers because of their politics, but rather what they say and the passion and conviction in their writing.

I first came across the work of Angela Eckhardt in the Capital Press last September. She has a monthly column, “My Free Country" in the Small Acreage section. After reading her work for a few months I just had to write her to say, “Right on Angela!” This woman not only does her homework when investigating a story, but her opinions are so reasonable, which makes one question exactly how things ever got so screwed up in the first place. Why have we granted the government Carte Blanche? Did we really think we would be governed by the people for the people? It doesn’t seem to be working out that way. It has become more of a parasitic entity that is slowly killing its host, we the people.

Angela directs the Rural Oregon Freedom Project for The Cascade Policy Institute and heads Freedom Solutions NW.

Angela eloquently points out the realities of just trying to exist in our modern “Serengeti” rural lifestyles, and how regulations make it difficult to do so. So do we bend to the pressure, or try to change things, or just live as outlaws. There are great efforts in doing any of the three.

From time to time Angela does get pelted with rocks and garbage, especially with her story about the benefits of raw milk, and a couple weeks later several people became seriously ill with e-coli from contaminated raw milk from a farm in Vancouver Washington. Angela’s article is still right, and she should not shoulder any burden of a dairy farmer who did not properly sanitize the cow or their equipment.

This sort of confrontation would make most writers reconsider how far they wished to stick their necks out, but Angela keeps forging ahead never losing sight of the big picture.

Here is the web address for a good collection of Angela’s articles.

I’ve said it to Angela before, “Right on Angela”, and if I may, “Write on Angela.”


Anonymous THartill said...


Nice to see another local writer on the internet.

Will stop by more often for sure.
I also added you to my Local Blogroll, if you don't mind.


10:11 PM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

I don't mind at all. Thanks.

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