Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Novel Blog

OK, now for something positive. I know many of you were wondering when or if that was going to happen here. Well here it is, so calm down.

As reported in May, I cruse the Blogosphere looking for entertainment. Though looking at most blogs is akin to looking at cheese, once in a while I will come across something that is inspiring. I came across one yesterday that knocked my socks off. It reads like a novel.

OK, I will share the address in a moment, but please read this before going there. This blog is like a novel in the making. If you visit it, please don’t start reading the main page that pops up. The way to read this blog is to go to the Archive button, and start with September 2005. Once in September 2005, start reading from the bottom of the page, and read each article going upward. When finished move on to the next month and again start from the bottom.

I will stop calling it a blog now and refer to it as a novel. The author is Syd. She and her wife K live on a farm in the deep south. Syd introduces characters such as her 3 year old foul mouthed nephew, and her foul mouthed talking bird that can mimic Syd’s laugh. Her wife K is from South America and occasionally entertains by messing up the pronunciation of certain words. She shares her grief of the loss of her brother, her own obsession with risk taking and having surgical replacements and patches for doing crazy things. She owns and uses guns and votes Republican. She falls back on Southern Baptist roots when it suits her. She has an anger management problem, and wants control over things she can not control. She has an uncanny ability to reproduce short dialogues between people that would probably fly under the radar of most eaves droppers.

Though I call it a novel, I believe all of Syd’s adventures are true. Her emotions come straight from her heart. She is a woman with a lot of love and passion, and a well seasoned gift of rascallity. She has a sense of comedic timing that could outshine most acts working comedy clubs today. Oddly most of us overlook most of the comedy that goes around us at all times. Syd seems to possess irony radar, she can smell it coming in the way we can smell a rain storm approaching.

I wrote Syd yesterday to thank her for sharing her stories, and asked permission to link her to my site. She wrote back right away. I get a thrill when someone writes back after I send, for lack of a better word, “fan mail.” Anyway, she was pleased that I wanted to link her blog. She warned me that some readers may be offended by some of her content.

I don't have a photo of Syd, and it wouldn't be my place to put one here, so I put used a cooking related photo for this story which I think is somewhat fitting in a twisted way. She is a cooking nut.

Syd, keep up the good (excellent) work.

Here is the address, and remember, read it from beginning to end.


Blogger Syd said...


I don't know how I can ever live up to such a glowing recommendation, but I'm flattered just the same.

Everything I write about is in fact true, with little or no embellishment. Trust me, with TLF around, I don't need to!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to getting to know you.

10:13 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Darlin, (if I may call you Darlin) just keep doing what you're doing.

10:22 AM  

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