Monday, August 21, 2006


So you want to get rid of all the illegals in the United States, but please realize that’s not all that has to be done if we go in that direction. Let me set this up so we can see all the layers to this problem.

OK, so tomorrow all the boarders are shut down, and anyone illegally here gets deported. The farmers are in crisis, because they lost all the people who are going to harvest their crops. So in order to attract and all American workforce they will have to raise the farm wages to well above what the minimum wage is today. Let’s face it; most American kids are way too soft to deal with an agricultural life style these days. Do you think inner city kids will venture into the hinter lands for work?

So we raise the wages to attract people to work, but with these wage increases we need to charge a lot more for our produce, so a head of lettuce is now in the $7 range, as is a gallon of milk. A nice tomato will run you around $3 and change.

Supermarkets continue selling produce grown in South America which cost far less than what we are now paying, and American produce rots in warehouses. Not only do family farms go under, but so do corporate farms. Any nation that can not feed itself is doomed, so the only way out for us is to ban all food imports unless the item can not be grown here in sufficient quantities, like coffee, cocoa and tea.

Also, this would be a good time to mention that the USDA is trying to end agricultural subsidies. So we all get used to buying milk for $10 a gallon, and a $4 apple is a great deal. We are now feeding ourselves, but no outside countries are buying our food because now they can’t afford it. Without exports our economy suffers and we are making no progress on the trade deficit because without our Ag products, there is very little other trade going on. We don’t exactly have a lot of industry any more that makes products that sell over seas. China, Japan and Korea took that task off our hands.

So a knee jerk reaction in a mid-term election year may cause a lot of dominos to fall. You may want to dust off your self-sufficiency books that you have stored in the bomb shelter you built for Y2K. This time you may really need them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you wrote this just cuz i went to the migrant conference eh?

12:25 PM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

No, sorry, but this has been on my radar for a while now, but I have to pace myself to one article per day. Also I try to rotate what I post. I just can't write about Ag issues all the time.

I'm going to rant about fish farm soon, so stand by.

2:22 PM  

I want to work at taco bell too despite what george w says but more often than not i find my self barking orders for chile rellenos to a speaker box @ the drive thru

1:27 AM  

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