Tuesday, March 06, 2007

F Lee

I’ve met many amazing people over the years. Most remarkable are many of the people I’ve met since starting this blog. I’ve come to know people who express themselves so well in the written form. They have heart and writing ability. Some of the writers don’t have a blog, they just write. They comment on my articles, they post messages on the forums. I wish these people would blog. Moosehead for one is someone I’d like to read every day.

Another writer of note doesn’t comment on the blog, but he writes in the local forums. I will not out him so let me identify him as he identifies himself, F Lee.

F Lee and I have been exchanging email for some months now. He has lived in Dried Salmon County for ever. He knows every one and has done everything. He recently shared a DVD with me of an interesting old time event here. He shared the New Yorker article on the Flavel’s with me. He’s told me stories of his experiences with Harry Flavel, and he shared an article he wrote about his spending time with another Oregonian celebrity. I’m really sorry I need to be so terse about his articles, I just don’t want to out him. However I am calling for F Lee to start his own blog. His stories must be told and locals should read them. They’ve amazed me. F Lee may very well be the most important local writer of our time.


Anonymous Auntie L said...

My suggestion to get him to start a blog would be to have Golf-boy trick him into doing so.

Worked for me? Of course I am probably much more gullible than Flee, however he may be.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like reading what Flee has to say, I like his style. He is up on the law and who wouldn't love history told of Astoria?

11:07 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

I'll try to talk him into doing a guest post every once in a while. Maybe he could go over the piece and remove his name, if he so wishes from the story that took place at the Pendelton Roundup. It's really worth reading, though much longer that a normal blog post. It's worth every word.

What do you say, F Lee?

11:28 AM  

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