Monday, May 26, 2008

Blog Housekeeping

A little Blog housekeeping today if I may.

I’m using a new feature on Blogger where I can schedule when my posts are posted. Back when I used to track the traffic of this site I saw the late night folks read this site as late as 1:30am and the early folks started reading after 4:00am so I now schedule my posts to upload at 4:00am. One of the side effects of this action is that you may catch more mistakes in my writing because I used to pick over all articles one last time before posting and now I just don’t give a rip. I like the consistency of posting at the same time every day. Being an avid blog reader myself, I feel let down when my favorite blogs aren’t consistent with their updates.

Next, if you reply to an article that is a few days old, you may not see me reply. I have the blog set up so that sends all comments to my email, but oddly there seems to be a delay of up to five days. I don’t know if Blogger is the problem of if it is my email server. Either way, sometimes I have nothing to add. I do feel that comments deserve acknowledgement, but sometimes I’ve got nothing. So forgive me if I leave you hanging. I do eventually read all the comments and I appreciate every comment.

On another front, Gearhead will often send me one of his pet peeves for me to write about. Last we he emailed me to tell me it bothers him when he sends someone an email and he never gets a reply. I of course replied to him, yet he hasn’t replied to my reply. Though I bet it’s a Yahoo thing. I have the hardest time getting email through to Yahoo or AOL accounts. He probably never received my reply, hence there is some strange irony there.

Another update, frog kissing is over. We tried two horses, each for a week and sent one back because it was aggressive. We sent another back because it had far less training than the owner stated. But we finally found one that seems perfect so far. I did a marathon 9 hour round trip drive to Snohomish, Washington yesterday to get this horse.

I think I’ve driven over 2,000 miles on I-5 so far this year and hopefully this will be my last excursion for some time.

Other weirdness, in Oregon we don’t pump our own gasoline. For years some lobby has been saying that if we went to self-service our gasoline would be less expensive. I paid 3.90 in Oregon and $4.07 in Washington with self serve. Another weird thing is that the gas station had a $75 dollar limit. The pump shuts off at $75.

Anyway, I'm tired and need to go to bed, so I'll program this to post at 4:00am for you early birds.


Blogger Beth said...

And all this time I thought you were an early riser like I am!

4:54 AM  
Blogger Uncle Walt said...

I believe WA gas is higher due to higher taxes on it.

Though if OR went to self-service, I bet the stations would just keep any extra "savings" from not having to hire as many attendants.

I just hate the OR "you can't pump it yourself" philosophy, because it's based on the assumption that people are too stupid to pump their own gas. All the gas stations would wind up as fireballs, according to the state, if we pumped our own gas.

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought it was the highly organized , well represented gas pumpers of Oregon who kept the self serving trend from other states away.

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a woman who has to dress for work I for one am very happy not to have to stand out in the winter weather pumping my own gas. I bet if you guys had to stand outside in a knee length skirt you wouldn't be griping as much.

8:49 AM  
Blogger Jaggy said...

I'm a woman who doesn't wear skirts, and I'm still thankful I've never pumped my own gas. Whenever I've gone out of state, someone has still been there to pump my gas for me (like Dad when I was little). Paying that little bit extra creates jobs and makes my life easier. I'm cool with that!

10:13 AM  
Anonymous g said...

I think the price issue has more to do with taxes.

One request while you are blog cleaning. I visit quite a few blogs and have noticed blogger rarely has an easy (if possible) way to subscribe to rss comment feeds. I'm able to subscribe to the post feeds but not the comment feeds. Can you see if you have a comment rss feed widgit lurking? TIA!

10:53 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Beth, I normally get up at five and by the time I shower, shave and get a cup of coffee it is 5:30, so I now auto-post at 4 so East Coasters can check it at 7.

Walt, there are a lot of stupid people out there. Never underestimate what they can do.

I'd rather not pump my gas, especially since you have to hold the damn nozzle the whole time. It's also a good opportunity for kids to realize at an early age the value of getting a good education. Though one can probably do well financially if pumping at Costco.

Is there actually a Gas Pumper Union?

I'm with you ladies, though I rarely ever dress up. In fact I'm usually dressed worse than the attendants.

G, never heard of it. I have my subscriptions through Bloglines. I used to have 14 subscribers, but I'm down to 8. I'll look around for you. I've considered switching over to Wordpress, but Blogger is actually full of features now and it's pretty reliable.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

I use this strange thing called a bookmark. No need for RSS feeds when I know you're going to put up a post every day.

New Jersey also prevents people pumping their own gas and theirs is near the cheapest in the country. Lower taxes.

1:59 PM  
Anonymous g said...

I used to have a private blog at blogspot and when I decided to get serious about blogging, I moved all my private stuff to Wordpress with the press of a button. Meaning you can move all of your blogs to Wordpress without skipping a beat.

I love Wordpress.
Anyway, to see what I'm talking about, go to my site and look at the Meta area to the left where you will see "comments RSS". That way, I can not only subscribe to the posts but the comments as well via rss feeds.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Bpaul said...

"because it's based on the assumption that people are too stupid to pump their own gas."

I always figured it was a way to create jobs in the state. You sure this is why the law is in effect? I don't know either way, but am curious.

Also, I always joked that it concentrates the Benzene contamination to a smaller portion of the populous, instead of spreading it more evenly to all of us. Pure cynicism I know, sorry.


4:44 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

The laws in OR (1951) and NJ (1949) were originally passed for safety reasons. My first published photo was of a blazing gas pump from which a guy had pulled away with the nozzle still in the tank. That was in Virginia. Probably doesn't happen in Oregon too often, but I've heard of numerous cases around here. Many people each year start gasoline fires from static sparks. I've even seen people fill their cars while smoking.

I'll bet OR and NJ have a lot less problems with people driving off without paying.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Uncle Walt said...

I've always heard the law was passed in OR, after somebody blew up a gas station because they were smoking while pumping gas. Okay, fine. But why do I keep seeing attendants smoking between fueling vehicles? It's only a matter of time before one of them blows up the station - because I have seen them continue to smoke while fueling a customer's vehicle. What will be the state's excuse then, I wonder?

As to people driving off without paying ... now they just "dump" the counterfeit money and bad checks to "pay" for the gas instead. Or use a stolen credit card.

5:49 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

People pulling away from gas stations with the nozzle still in more than likely happens more often in Oregon. In the many I know of, it is generally the elder population that does it. They just assume that since the attendant hands back there cards that the gas must be in there car even though it's only been 30 seconds.

5:15 AM  
Blogger weese said...

I do so love consistency.
This is not evidenced by my own blog however. That is because I blog at work, and sometimes actual work gets in the way.

6:26 AM  

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