Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Night Mare and Night Gelding

Having spent the 4th of July at home last year, I didn’t want to repeat that mistake this year. Last year I watched the horses freak out over all the new neighbors and their illegal fireworks. It made me wonder not only how people could stand making that much noise for that long a period, but how they could afford all those cherry bombs and fire crackers in the first place.

We decided to go horse camping. Now don’t get me wrong; I still hate camping, but it was better than fixing fences and stalls from the damage that freaked out horses can render on a farm. It’s better than nursing the ills of horses that result from stress. The horses lived through enough stress during the December storm when the stall roofs were blown off and they spent three days outside with their asses to the wind.

Fortunately, we have two horses that are easy to load and unload with the trailer. They willingly go when we want them to go. Having had horses that wouldn’t load easily took the joy out of going anywhere. One time we just wanted to abandon one horse that wouldn’t get back in for the ride home. We finally coaxed her in. When we got her home we set the trailer up next to her corral and put her food in there. She got over her fear of the trailer as soon as she got hungry, but she still gave us problems from time to time after that.

When camping with horses, one becomes aware of the noises horses make at night. With the tent less than 25 feet from their corral all you can hear all night is them munching on hay. It is in their best interest to remain quiet since they are prey animals. Their survival in the wild depends on not drawing attention to themselves.

After two days of camping I was ready to return home and the rains that came during the morning of the 5th further convinced me. We headed home to a warm shower and clothing that wasn’t moist. The horses seemed happy to see their pasture. It is true, there is no place like home.


Blogger loopymamain06 said...

noise is the true reason that i didn't stay at the cabin this year, the whole state goes there to let their kids set off noise and smoke and danger, i just said NO. so i understand somewhat, i don't have horses, but a large dog who is a "fraidy cat"

4:51 AM  
Blogger weese said...

excellent idea. I might even have slept outside for the convenience of not having to make all those repairs.
we spent the 4th at home, rather than going out - to be with our dog. we closed the windows and found Jaws on the classic movie channel. Because thats much less scary than fireworks.

10:10 AM  
Blogger Colonel Panic said...

I want to comment on the weather that occured during this fifth of July.

As a LONG time res of this state I believe that JULY 5th weather is supposed to be guaranteed gold platinum cash money good to go. As crappy as July 4th and the previous 180 days are allowed to be weather wise JULY 5th is the turn on date for our sometimes short but perfect 80 degree low humidity blue sky summer.

What the hell was that?

I made the mistake of rigidly marking calendar with JULY 5th SUMMIT MT HOOD.

So i get up to the mountain, get out of my rig, im wearing shorts and this 40 degree gust hits me. Thats in the parking lot. By the time I get up to the 9500 foot level there is a steady 50 mile an hour wind blowing freezing precip at me, I have 5 layers on and I am still cold and when I fight my way to the top I cant see sht.

I want my money back on the JULY 5th weather thing.

10:34 AM  

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