Thursday, October 21, 2021

But They Has So Much More To Give


In most cases I say bullshit to the title of this post.  This is in reference to young performers who die at the peak of their careers.  Very few of them would be worth a damn today and here's some of them.

Janis Joplin: Her Big Brother stuff was novel and when she branched out with the over produced Pearl album her work was becoming too pedestrian to sustain any brilliance in her future.

Kurt Cobain: Yes, he was at the top when he went out, but a predictor of his possible evolution leads me to believe he would just have become another Foo Fighter

Jim Morrison: His singing was becoming an unintelligible moan towards his end.  I think he would have realized that the printed word would treat him well in his old age, except no one gets rich from publishing poetry. Thankfully he would have had royalties to fall back on.

John Denver: Yes, he had some catchy tunes that have become ear worms of several generations, but he was becoming more of a parody of himself.  He was unsustainable in the long run.

Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson: Talk about being a parody of oneself...  I think his popularity in his later years was similar to the popularity of Andy Kaufman where you were embarrassed for him, but you couldn't look away.

Amy Winehouse:  I'm on the fence about her.  She had major talent and I guess she left us wanting more, but more of what I don't know. 

Prince: Has anyone actually listened to any of his stuff released after Purple Rain.  His best was behind him after that point.

Whitney Huston: I have no idea why she was famous in the first place with her caterwauling.

Now, there are some people I believe would have continued contributing to their craft and to the good of mankind for decades to come had they continued living and those would be Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty and Mozart. Aside from them the world has been full of one of a couple hit wonders who went out on a good note.


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