Sunday, October 08, 2006


I’ve received some correspondence where the writers stated that they wished I would post an article seven days a week. Their Sunday is a void without entertainment. My first reaction was to tell them to get a life, but upon further consideration I realized what they meant, somewhat.

I grew up in a state with ”Blue Laws”, which meant that just about all stores were closed on Sunday. I don’t recall how it all was, but you could buy food but not clothing on Sundays. Grocery stores and restaurants were just about the only thing open on Sunday. If you needed something, or if Sunday was the only day of the week you could shop you would end up crossing the border to the next state enhancing their economy.

Blue laws were derived out of the Jewish and Christian “Day of Rest” concept, though many Christian and Jewish groups use Saturday as their “Day of Rest.” So why do I take Sundays off? I’m an Atheist I shouldn’t take any day off. It simply comes down to the fact there are few people who read blogs on Sunday, and by not publishing a Sunday articles I write 52 fewer articles a year. Let’s face it, if someone came up to you and asked you to write 52 articles, could you?

OK, OK, I’m getting off the track here. The point is that I kind of miss posting articles on Sunday, so I’m going to commit Sundays to be a day of Contrition. This will be the day when I publish corrections and apologies for errors and transgressions of the previous week. See, after all these years the Catholic guilt still runs deeply within me…

This week on the blog in the Diamond Story I incorrectly stated the book my wife was reading was “Honeymoon with my Brother”, but the book was called “The Grail” by Brian Doyle.

Next I misspelled spatula in the Kitchen article. My eyes are going and I picked the incorrect word in the spell checker. I picked specula.

My apology this week goes to Lucy. I really am sorry, but it is best, you’ll see.

So I may return next Sunday if I mess up or offend (and feel bad about it).


Blogger Syd said...

When I saw that you had updated, my first thought was uh-oh, somebody has PISSED him off. Pleasant suprise.

Okay, I gotta start drinkin' now. Nascar is on at noon.

8:21 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Syd, you know me. I get pissed at big things, not little things. I make an effort to repair my mistakes as I go.

I know you have my phone number for drunk dialing, but I won't be home today. Sorry.

Ooh and another thing, I got a thing in the mail yesterday about my ticket, and wouldn't you know it, the cancellation mark, "United Way." Bastards, rat bastards...

8:41 AM  

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