Monday, November 26, 2007

A Diverse Education

I find it funny when I hear or read the news that some teacher or a school district is being taken to court for saying things that don’t fit the mould of the modern enlightened education model. The courts would have a field day with the things that I’ve seen during my education.

I went to Catholic School until the eighth-grade. We were taught by nuns and these ladies were crazy and I'm not even taking into consideration their sadistic tendencies. Never once during our classes in religion was the Bible ever used or mentioned. I never saw my first Bible until I was in high school and all these churches started having Coffeehouses on Friday nights. It seems the play Jesus Christ Superstar made churches realize there was money in going out to the pop culture. No book was ever used for religion classes when I was growing up.

One nun was really involved in the numbers racket. She’d send her bets home with one of the students whose father was a bookie. When she won she'd buy sodas for the class.

We had several nuns who were racists and often fed us misinformation. It was mostly against Blacks and Asians, but they often slurred Italians as well. I had friends in class who were of Italian heritage and I could see this really hurt them. I once got on one nun's shit list because after she had a long rant about Italians, I asked her, "Isn't the Pope Italian?" It was Paul the VI and he was Italian. She turned beet red and threw me out of class and told me to go home. It was a nice day, I gladly accepted her discipline. Note, she made no phone call to my parents, nor did she give me a note to take home. I was just released on my own recognizance and allowed to wander the streets at will.

There was one nun who insisted on teaching us how to read and write Russian foregoing all other lessons for months. We never got it. We never wanted to get it.

We had another nun who instead of teaching us Geography would give us lessons and read us books about Atlantis.

There was another nun who made us all go out and buy the book, “Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet”. We spent most of the year studying Cayce and Nostradamus.

I feel good about having that sort of diverse education. We still learned all the other stuff before the year was over. How many 6th graders do you know who read Edgar Cayce? There were about twenty of us. It would be totally frowned upon in schools these days. That sort of material is even out there for home schoolers.


Blogger Hahn at Home said...

I love a private school education.

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One way or another Guy, those crazy nuns made you think. I'm not Catholic and didn't attend Star of the Sea. But they had one of those coffee houses for a while in '69, it was called 'The Place'. No doubt set up by the hip new Father at the school, I forget his name but he was young, had sideburns and wore cleats on his shoes so you could always hear him coming. 'The Place' was very cool it featured lots of low colored lighting, little tables with candles, tapestry's on the wall a few black lights, a counter where a pretty girl would sell you a flavored coffee or tea for cheap and a 12 string guitar hanging on the wall next to a high stool just in case one of the local "Leo Kottkes" came in. 'The Place' didn't last a year I bet, but it made an impression on us young teens, and I must say the Catholic families in Astoria are some of the nicest folks you will ever meet.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Seven Star Hand said...

Hello Guy...,

What an interesting story, and from Astoria to boot. I planted trees in the area during the early 80's. Now I understand why Lewis and Clark got depressed during their winter layover. On the other hand, the rains bring on the big trees, salmon, steelhead, and Chanterelle mushrooms.

And speaking of Cayce and Nostradamus...

If you'd like some stunning insights into what's happening with the synchronicity of the recent comet and Nostradamus' Lost Book buzz, then read the article at the following link. I demonstrate significant internal evidence from these Lost Book images that they were indeed dictated by Nostradamus and that they encode much more earthshaking revelations than so far published.

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9:46 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

If nothing else, those nuns taught you how to learn which is what it's all about.
My eldest was banished from many a class for asking questions similar to your Pope one. He still questions authority - but not mine!

(P.S. You were the only male to comment on that hair colour post - the fact you did still cracks me up. And it has been fixed!)

10:29 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Lori, it was unique

Anon, they did make me think, but I am envoius of those who were educated by the Jesuits. Those people could debate really well. Their students were taught to be contrarians.

Seven, thanks for stopping by. Check my post titled Jack Frost from earlier this week and you will see that I believe in nothing, but I'm glad you're doing well with it all.

Beth, I did learn, and if nothing else I got a blog article out of it. Also I didn't know I wasn't supposed to comment. Girl thing..., but it looks like you got it all worked out.

10:54 AM  

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