Sunday, April 13, 2008

Seeing The Distant

I wear contact lenses, but my eyes are of the age where I need cheaters when I read. When I'm not wearing my contact lenses I have a pair of normal glasses that I can not read with, so I either need to take them off and read with my uncorrected eyes or put on a pair of bifocals. I have it all worked out. I never go anywhere without the ability to read.

I spent some time at the Columbia River this week. I was watching this group of ducks that would float out with the tide to a certain point and then they would all fly and land up stream. They would float down again and when they reached a certain point they would fly and return again to their up stream place. This went on probably twenty times. They weren't eating or mating. They were just floating and flying with no reason that was obvious to me. This has nothing to do with this article. It was just a cool thing to observe.

Every once in a while something would float past that I wanted to take a better look at, but all I had were my lensed eyes and my reading glasses. It was then that I realized that what needs to be invented is a pair of cheaters one can put on to see things in the distance better. Yes, I realize that there are binoculars, but they are too bulky to carry at all times. I want a pair of cheaters that can fit in my pocket where I can put them on and elevate my distance eyesight to about 10 power. Wouldn't that be cool.

If one of you are about to try to invent this, I'd also like like a night vision version along with the capability to see in ultra-violet and infrared. Thanks.


Blogger Beth said...

Glasses. The bane of my existence. Three pairs for different uses.
Still, I wouldn't mind yet another pair - the kind you suggest someone invents. Sounds good.

5:37 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

I have three and contact lenses as well. How did people survive before corrective lenses?

5:23 AM  

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