Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Just Don't Get It

1. Fanatical sport fans
2. Golf
3. Soccer
5. Having birds as indoor pets
6. Having more than one cell phone
7. Affiliation with Democrats and Republicans
8. Romance novels
9. Motivational posters
10. Leaving lights on all night

I just don’t get it; any of it.


Blogger Donna said...

Except for the fact that I can't force myself to stop being a Republican, I'm in full agreement on all these. Actually, I agree on number 7; I'm just helpless to stop. Do you suppose there's a 12-step group?

4:38 AM  
Blogger loopymamain06 said...'s like having indoor plants...or indoor fish

#6....hubby is supplied by his work


#10....guilty because i'm old....I don't like tripping and hurting myself on sleeping pets, or hubbys left out lunch box at 3 in the a.m.

:) loopy who doesn't get #8 either

5:06 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

I’m surprised your list is so short!

(Love that picture.)

5:52 AM  
Blogger weese said...

yeah, i would have a few additions to the list too. but not stuff i should say out loud :)
that said - i leave one light on at night.
but you knew i was a rebel.

6:44 AM  
Blogger Auntie said...

Soccer (Football) is cool. But like others are probably wondering, Guy would have a much LONGER list that just this. What about potlucks?

C'mon, who really wrote this post? Has someone abducted Guy? Did those aliens that gave Cartman an anal probed come and take you away too? Are you somewhere out there with the grays?

7:11 AM  
Blogger darev2005 said...

Have you ever tried playing golf? It's bloody difficult. I had a friend who was a chopper pilot in the army before he retired and took up golf. I've been told that learning to hover a helicopter is the most difficult thing a person could ever learn to do. He said that learning to hover was easier than getting good at golf.

I don't get much of that other stuff, either. I imagine it all revolves around self esteem issues and not having much of a life.

7:48 AM  
Anonymous gearhead said...

11. Gambling
12 Pornography

8:33 AM  
Blogger Uncle Walt said...

#9 - I get a kick out of those "de-motivational" posters.

Like the one that says something along the lines ... If a simple poster is all it takes to motivate you, you probably have a job robots will soon be doing.

10:57 AM  
Blogger g said...

guilty of the following:
cell phones

i am however not guilty of listening to rap.


12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a day when your post would have been things that piss me off. What happened to the guy who like in the movie Network just wasn't going to take it any more. You know...sweating the big stuff like the way people have to count out the $.97 cents in nickels and dimes at the grocery cashouts...or people who purchased vehicles that don't have the turn signal option...or people that would be challenged enough to chew gum but yet think they can drive and talk on cell phones at the same time. Come on Guy...let it out. I just know it's chewing you up inside...the big stuff. The puke patrol...the gag reflex...the poetic justice and the mushroom like beauty of the water back splash hitting you where you live when you take a perfect dump...


12:47 PM  
Blogger g said...

moose, you seriously need to start a blog.

3:00 PM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Donna, you are brave to admit it, but you are from Missouri and that's how they roll out there.

Loopy at least you didn't admit which on #7 so you must feel some remorse.

Beth, I'm mellowing...what can I say?

Weese, and here I thought you were a granola.

Auntie, you are well on your way to becoming a soccer mom. I do get pot-lucks, I just don't enjoy them. And don't complain about the short list. I told you on Thursday that I was out of topics and I was ready to shut down the blog. I squeezed out two more posts just for you.

Darev, Golf was invented for two reasons. 1. to give people good weather to watch on TV when it,s gloomy 2. as a means to ruin a good walk.

Gearhead, I totally get gambling and porno. In fact I did a presentation on bug porn today to 20 fine students.

Walt, I love Auntie's posters.

g, and you admit it. Dude, how come there are so many young republicans around here? You, TH, Cary Johnson. I don't get that at all...

Moose, I outraged out. Tired of fighting un-winnable battles. I guess I'm getting to move to Canada and be polite for the rest of my life.

g, I totally agree on the moose blog. He's even like this on Facebook.

6:12 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

Shut down the blog???? ACK!

7:53 PM  
Blogger Mike S said...

Guilty on NASCAR and racing almost ANYTHING not breathing; also # 10 due to combination of careless cats & poor eyesight.

DO NOT shut down the blog!! Ve haf vays to MAKE you blog you know!

12:44 AM  
Blogger loopymamain06 said...

ACK!!!! is right! sheesh guy, say ya just got the slumpies, say ya got the before spring blues, or the horse bit your fingers, but please don't shut down.
the loopster

2:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooooops...sorry...didn't mean to poke your elbow with my eye eh


3:51 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

OK, I guess shut down would be too harsh of a statement. I'd keep it up on the net, but I am seriously running out of inspiration.

Moose, though you are Canadian, you have picked up certain traits from all the time you've spent in New Jersey.

And as for #10 I'm not talking about night lights, I'm talking outdoor flood and spot lights and porch lights.

5:42 AM  
Blogger loopymamain06 said...

I want to hear about bug porn.

6:13 AM  
Blogger g said...

i know TH - he's independent as they get. i've never shied away from my roots. i'm a fearless republican now and still believe in trickle down economics. so lower my taxes and i'll probably spend it locally.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Ginger said...

Oh hell no!

What you need is some teef! (using a southern accent)

These could give you some inspiration..a few laughs...get you a pair of these...wear them to town (throw in an accent)...they will definitely give you something to write about...I have tons of stories :)

That, or you could take a pill? Maybe the blue one? Clear out the cobwebs.....

But do not stop blogging!

2:50 PM  
Anonymous gearhead said...

#13 My Book
#14 Face Space
#15 Twatter

I REALLY don't get it.
If one wants to be friendly, BE A FRIEND IN REAL LIFE!!!

9:39 PM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Loopy, you'll have to take one of my classes some day.

g, I know, and you also believe in a guy that came from a virgin birth, died and was reanimated. Republicans are funny.

Ginger, I'm kind of liking the cob webs at my age.

Gearhead, I kind of figured you weren't a real social person the first time I saw the gate at your farm, though you do get an Xmas card from Lars every year so you must get out some. BTW I think I'll be there on the 4th.

5:37 AM  
Blogger dalia said...

i also don't get people who dress up their dogs, eating popsicles and ice cream cones in winter, relish, hearts of palm, deep-fried candy bars (or oreos, or cheesecake or any of the things that are wonderful on their own), vegetarians who wear leather and people who don't answer their call waiting (what's the point of having it, then?)

1:44 PM  

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