Tuesday, September 14, 2021

What a Good Day Looks Like

Some people have a high threshold for what a good day is to them.  I have only a very simple bench marks to check off to reach that goal.

First, if I sleep until 7AM a good day is possible.  If the first cup of coffee is excellent I move the needle up a smidge. Then if I have a hot breakfast I'm sailing along.  If I can get in a nap before 1PM, the bells are starting to ring.  If I don't have to visit an auto parts store it becomes a banner day.

By the way, I rarely get away with going to just one auto parts store.  I usually start with Auto Zone, and they will have only one when I need a set of two.  Then to O'Riley's and they have no idea of what I'm talking about.  Then I go to Napa and they know what I'm talking about but they have to order it and it will be there the next morning by 8:30AM, which means I will be visiting an auto parts store two days in a row...

In addition to the auto parts stores, it is a good day when I don't have to go to a feed store or a marine supply store.

So to sum it up so far, if I meet all the criterion of the second paragraph I am sailing along.  If I get to look at a body of water things are really looking up. If I get home a nd have all my chores done by 5PM, I am stellar.  If Pizza is for dinner I'm sliding into home plate.  If my entertainment consists of post from my favorite You Tubers, my goal is within sight.  Finally if I am in bed and falling asleep by 10PM I have won the good day award.


Blogger Donna. W said...

I read this to my husband. His comment was, "Well, you've set your sights too high; are you breathing? Then it's a good day."

He feels your pain about the auto parts, but says you forgot to list one of the main things: "Did you take a morning crap? Then that's a good day."

I told him I didn't think you were quite as old as we are; you have to be pretty old for that to be a big deal.

10:56 AM  
Blogger ccbees@gmail.com said...

Donna, thankfully crapping has never been an issue with me, just Cars, trucks, boats and now finally the loader and backhoe.

11:24 AM  

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