Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Things That Make Me Happy to Live Here

It is always at least 10 degrees cooler here than in Portland in the summer and at least 10 degrees warmer than Portland in the winter. Seeing the lights of the city (Astoria) when you are driving across the Megler Bridge, or when driving down Alt. 101 by Air Port Hill at night. Watching the sea lions gorge themselves on salmon while you are waiting to get numb for dental work. Knowing who all the homeless people are, their names and what their stories are. We have very accessible homeless people here. Most attend cultural events… Sunday Market, I love Sunday market. How many monuments are disguises for public restrooms, the Doughboy, the Turn-Around… The Astoria Bridge, and I’d say that one should kayak under it during a low tide to fully appreciate it. The fine things that Chester Trabucco is doing to restore buildings (except the Schooner). City Lumber has a pet cat in the store (Patches). The River Walk. Lucy’s Books. Driving to work and the only congestion on the road is when a cow got out of its fence or when drivers slow down to look at the elk. Oh I had to stop for a family of ducks crossing the road last week.

So is that enough sunshine and lollipops for now? Can I get back to business?


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8 huh?


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