Monday, October 16, 2006

The College Bond

Every where I go I hear opposition to the proposed new campus for Clatsop Community College, (that’s Dried Salmon Community College.) I am hearing all this sour grapes crap from Warrenton, and I’m hearing people in Astoria whining about the relocation of the football field.

So in essence the opposition comes from people who want us to spend twice as much on infrastructure than is needed, and from a group that holds sacred a giant lawn that gets used probably only 100 hours per year.

Aside from those asinine reasons there is a host of other reasons people are against it, like those who think everything will be alright if they put in elevators in the present CCC buildings, and those who like the view of the present campus. Let’s not forget those who don’t like the College president, the former President, or Board members, or even some instructors.

When it all boils down, there is one reason that is undeniable as to the immediate need of a new campus. The reason is energy. If you visit the campus as I did recently you will see that every window, and there are a hell of a lot of them, most facing north… every window is single pane glass. Can you imagine the cost of heating five or six massive buildings with single pane glass? Think of the old home you bought. Probably the first major thing you did was to replace the windows, or buy storm windows, and I bet you replaced the furnace with something more efficient. I’ve done this to two homes already and the energy savings was not only noticeable but drastic.

So all you tax payers who vote against the new campus should be prepared to shell out the dollars to heat these old dinosaurs until the buildings fall down. You can either pay for it now letting some of the State grant funds assist, or you can continue having your tax dollars fly out all those un-insulated windows. Your call.


Blogger denise said...

good point. the football field is in a bad location anyway.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is clear that new facilities are needed. However, neither the former or current administrations have fully explored staying at the current campus. Ok, lets get a little creative...A multi-story building could be built up against the rock quarry near Fertig Hall. Patriot and Towler halls should be torn down and a parking structure could be placed there. A new gym could be built in the library parking lot. See what a little thining outside the "new campus" box can do.

I am voting no because I don't trust the current college President. I don't hear him talking about the financial shortfall the college is facing; I have heard it is $1 million. He has talked of partnerships with the Hospital yet the hospital is going to move. Thousands of dollars have been spent on campus design for a site that is not a sure thing, what a waste of money. The school board keeps dragging their feet on making a decision, yet the College moves ahead with their plans. This is not good business practice.

I need more coffee before I can go on...


PS - also, how in the hell is the college going to fill new classrooms when most of the exisiting instructional space at the current campus sits empty?

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOOps.. I meant "thinking" outside the new campus box.. See, I need more coffee...


8:22 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Sometime “New” is what it takes to fill seats. Astoria has had theaters before that all did poorly, but the new theater seems to do well. I’m sure the present site and condition factor into the attractiveness of going to that college. As far as educational value it is a deal. It is sometimes the only option for parents who are strapped and don’t want to have to work into their 90’s just to pay for their kids education.

Though Warren field has geological concerns, equal concerns should be had for the Jerome Campus. There are heaps of loose stone and potential mud slide conditions just waiting for an earth quake on a rainy day to set the whole thing in motion. Add to that the stink that the Hysterical…I mean historical and preservation societies will focus on when a modern efficient structure is proposed for that neighborhood.

Location aside, this is the time when the financial aspects are aligned to make it a better deal for those who will be funding the bond. So immediately before us is the decision to continue funding wasteful structures of move ahead to secure funding for something new and then battle to the death over location. Supposedly this bond is not site specific. If you agree that Dried Salmon County needs a new college facility, and agree that this will be the best time to tie up the financial package, then it is a time to act.

The College President aside, and the past president and the board, whom ever you dislike and for what ever reason, I sincerely believe that the community that shoulders the burden will make sure it is a success. “Community” is the middle name of Clatsop Community College. It was a community concept and it will take the community to make the whole thing work. Administrators come and go. Boards are voted in and out, yet the community stays, and it will be the community that will benefit.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You put up a good argument but I am still not convinced. They are asking for a lot of money with too many question still going unanswered.

As for the Historical junkies raising a fuss over a new building up on the hill, it should not be an issue if the new design would fit into the same design review standards that builders in other parts of town must follow.

Your statements about "community" are nice but I really don't think this bond measure will pass. I see yard signs in the Astoria area but in the other parts of the county there are very few.

I think that Haaman is putting something in the water up there at the college. Can it really be true that the entire faculty supports this bond? I don't believe it....I have heard on the street that if an employee is vocal about opposing the bond that the President gets pretty nasty with them.. perhaps he has forgotten about the 1st amendment. I have spoken to a handful of faculty that have told me that they felt pressured to publicly support the bond and feel that there would be fall out if they opposed.


9:12 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

There are some hard-core history nuts on Jerome. Pressure on the faculty, I'd bet it's true as well. Pressure of that sort will often bring down the house of cards.

I respect your reasons for your concerns and for voting no, but still there will be tens of thousands of dollars of heat exiting all those single pane windows.

I love election day!

9:39 AM  

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