Monday, December 25, 2006

The Gang of Five

Recently I ended an article with the words, “This place in which we live is a natural wonderland that can awake every sense you possess.”

Having given this statement a little more thought I find it remarkable the effect this area has on our five senses. Those of you who have a sixth sense are on your own.

However, the all around beauty is something we see. The briny scent of the river or ocean, or the smell of the forest is an olfactory delight. We can hear the wind in the trees, the waves at the shore, the sea lions and fog horns. We taste the local food and can taste the clean air. We feel the mist and rain or the warm, but not hot sun on our skin when it isn’t raining.

Living here is a sensory delight, but that is a deeper topic for some post. Starting tomorrow and over the following five days I will explore the senses to try to expose those events that delighted each of my senses most in my 51 years here on Earth.


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