Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

I see I referenced this post in the post I did on coffee shops earlier this week. I guess I shuffled my posts, but that's.

I’m a lazy bastard…maybe even a rat bastard to you coffee purists. I have a coffee pot that has a built in timer so all I need to do is pour in the water, set the coffee in the basket and hit a button and at 5 am it starts brewing.

I am usually awake before the coffee starts brewing but if I somehow sleep late, this is my alarm clock. I am amazed how quickly the smell of the brewing coffee wafts upstairs. It is a scent that only a super sleeper could possibly sleep through. The only time I ever sleep late is when I forget to set the timer.

I recall a time in my life where I didn't drink or even like coffee. I didn't start drinking it until I was in my late 20s. I remember my first cup. Some friends and I were dining at a vegetarian restaurant in Englewood, New Jersey. The waitress mistakenly brought me a cup of coffee with dessert. She was a sweet heart and I didn't complain or tell her she messed up, so I drank it. I got a caffeine buzz and I was hooked like it was crack.

This is something that tea drinkers never get; the full impact of waking up to an aroma such as coffee. Tea just doesn't fill a home with the warmth of a fragrance.


Blogger Beth said...

Coffee in the morning and tea in the late afternoon - best of both worlds!

5:27 AM  
Blogger darev2005 said...

So many wonderful smells there are. I keep wanting to combine them and see what I get. Fresh brewed coffee. Fine tobacco. Fresh cut grass and newly sawed pine lumber. The slightly musty smell of old books. A woodstove. Bread right out of the oven. Sizzling bacon and eggs. Add just a hint of gun oil. I would probably burst into flames. It would probably attract guys but the girls would say "Whoo! You need a shower!"

6:41 AM  
Anonymous dalia said...

i didn't drink coffee until i got here (montreal). i hated the stuff before then. now, it's all i drink, and woe to those who cross me before i've had a cup!

6:48 AM  
Anonymous dalia said...

actually, fresh-made chai tea is an amazing smell, warm and inviting, that wafts easily through a house.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Auntie said...

love the smell of coffee when i grind it in the morning. Thundermuck, roasted locally and black as night is my favorite.

i usually produce an "O-face" when smelling it.

something else that i just discovered that produces that face (besides the namesake) is the leaves on tomato plants. What is that smell, does anyone know? Smells like nothing else in this world I have ever encountered and i can't get enough of it. Most decidedly does NOT smell like tomato fruit at all.

7:59 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

*happy sigh* Coffee.

I have some Snickernut coffee that tastes like a snickerdoodle cookie. It's so good. Better with real sugar, but not horrible with Splenda.

I'd set the timer on mine, but I never know when I'll be waking up...

11:53 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

as an aside, when I was a kid...maybe 4 or 5, I so loved the smell of coffee, that I ate ground coffee. I did that once. I stuck to the brewed stuff after that.... (yes, I was 3 when I started drinking coffee. Coffeemilk, really....half coffee, halk milk.)

11:55 AM  
Blogger a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

this post makes me all smiley and wiggly.

4:35 PM  
Blogger Auntie said...

HC, me thinks you are a smiley and wiggly person naturally ! When are you coming to visit The Guy?

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Guy!

Typing from my stupid phone, hence any random typos. I love some programed coffee. Wakes me up from a dead sleep everytime. It makes me wonder about a babies sense of smell. Does baby Ava smell the coffe too? I recently read that their eyesight is 20/20 at 6 months.

Enough baby nonsense, let's talk about tomato leaves. I agree with Auntie... nothing like it.


8:52 PM  
Blogger Auntie said...

See Darlin'? Even your kinfolk agree with me!

Miz Danielle, you kiss dat babbie in the head fer yer old Auntie....

8:56 PM  
Blogger Tango said...

I remember the smell of coffee when my Mom would make it when I was a kid. Since it was so expensive, we would have it maybe 3 or 4 times a year...mostly on holidays. During the rest of the year, tea would keep most of the population constipated. Now I get to drink coffee everyday. :)

6:33 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Beth, good plan. Proper Canadian! Ever put butter in your tea?

Darev, I once wrote here that my favorite smell combination is the smell of wood smoke and horse shit.

Dalia, welcome to adulthood.

Auntie,Funny, but a tomato leaf smell always reminds me of New Jersey.

Amy, Snickernut? Wow, that could go either way, but I'd be willing to try it. And eating grounds, now there is a blog post waiting to happen.

Irish, I want to hear more about the wiggly part ; )

Danielle, I vaguely remember the smell when I was growing up, but it was nothing I was interested in at the time so I just blocked it out. Hey, how come you don't allow comments on your mommie blog?

Auntie, you sound like you need a dew rag if you are going to continue with that Aunt Jemima impression.

Tango, expensive in Germany? Why was that?

3:45 PM  
Blogger Auntie said...

Guy, do I have some 'dew' on my forehead or something that needs to be wiped off with a rag?

4:36 PM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Auntie, it just goes with the inflection.

7:18 AM  

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