Thursday, November 27, 2014

Me and My Goose

It seems that every holiday has a patron saint, usually a singer.  Christmas was Bing Crosby, New Years was Guy Lombardo.  Halloween was Frank Zappa.  I'm not sure how it was here on the West Coast, but on the East Coast Thanksgiving belonged to Arlo Guthrie since 1967.  It was like how TBS now runs marathons of the Jean Shepherd tale, "The Christmas Story"; the radio stations would always include several airings of Arlo Guthrie's 23 minute, Alice's Restaurant around Thanksgiving time.  Folks would go out and rent the video and watch it rather than football games during their get-togethers.

Today I am not paying homage to the Alices Restaurant movement as I am sure they are doing so on the East Coast as I write.  Instead I will pay homage via Youtube to another Arlo Guthrie song for those of you who will be dining on some sort of bird today.

Please click this link Me and My Goose

Me and my goose
Me and my pal
We had some very good times
Me and my goose his name was Al
And he cost only a dime
Over meadows we'd stray
Playing all day
I missed him at night until dawn
Then one day I found he wasn't around
I wondered where Al could have gone
I looked everywhere he just wasn't there
Where could a goose be all day
I miss my pal
I miss my Al
It's sad that things turned out this way
Then mom brought him
I remeber her grin
Stuffed with his feet pointed straight
I'll never forget the night that we ate
Al off of the old yellow plate