Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Facebook Sucks

It looks like I may be coming back here again.

To All my friends on Facebook.  This may be goodbye.  This site wants to shut down my account because of the name, Guy Whowritesthis.  I used this moniker because it was an extension of my blog, Astoria Rust.  Someone turned me in for not using my real name, probably because they were offended by one of my posts.  I've been shut down before with my Jaysus H Christ account.  Fun times.  I’ve had this problem with another account where they made me switch it to a non-personal account and it has no charm at all.  I can’t get to see or know any followers the way I can with a personal account.
If I am shut down in the next week I will start blogging again and you will find me at http://astoria-rust.blogspot.com  I am also considering a tumblr account.  Any other ideas out there will be welcomed.

So if I end up missing, please know that I enjoyed my time here with you and if you want more of what I have to offer it will take a little effort on your and my part.