Tuesday, March 08, 2016

It Finally Happened

I've seen it coming on for years; probably since I was 45.  It wasn't just the aches and pains.  It wasn't the ever graying hair color.  It wasn't just the point when I'd see a lovely young lady and instead thinking I'd like to date her, I started thinking of how nice it would be to have a grand daughter like her.  It wasn't just any of those things.  It was all of them compiled and compounded.

When we go out for a meal we've started to realize that we are the oldest people in the room, though my wife looks considerably younger than me, I am the one who visibly skews the average age though I am her junior by a year.  Oddly, we are older but it is rare that the offer of a senior discount ever comes to the surface.  It must be asked for, and in my senior moments I always forget to ask until after it's too late.

So the title of this post is "It Finally Happened" and here is what happened causing this post.  A short while ago we were just about to ride our horses down the road when three young women drove by and stopped and turned around.  They were asking about horse boarding facilities in the area and we directed them to one just down the road from us.  We began our ride, and then we stopped by this boarding facility to see if anyone wanted to join us for a ride.  By the time we got there the three young women were leaving and we asked the owner of the facility if the three had a good visit.  The owner said,"Oh.it was you who referred them to me...They said that an elderly couple down the road had referred them."  It is now official, we have now been declared elderly.  I guess I deserve a nap...