Monday, March 02, 2015

Sick Day

Other than not doing a post in quite a while, it has been ages since I've done a Sick Day post (first Monday of the month).  Well, lately I've been becoming more and more annoyed by those tricked out little Toyota pickup trucks. You know, the ones that are lifted, with over-sized tires and more lights than a base ball stadium. Between the exhaust system and the knobby tires these things are so loud that I once was outside waiting for a delivery of 12 yards of crushed stone and I heard what I thought the dump truck approaching and as it turned out it was one of the local hill-billies driving the back road.  All that noise and he was probably only hauling a half rack of Hams.

I can only assume that the speedometers on these trucks are factory mis-calibrated 25 mph under the real speed, because I have never seen one of these trucks go any slower that 25 over the limit.

I must admit these little trucks are oddly very stable since their center of gravity is probably two feet off the surface of the ground and with speed being a factor; I'm surprised the ditches on curvy roads aren't littered with trucks of every color.

Now a note to you hill-billies that drive these things...  Instead of spending all that money on after-market crap to trick these little toy trucks out, why don't you put your money towards a real truck that can actually do all the things you are trying to create the illusion that your truck can do.  Until then, just realize that people with real trucks view your truck as an annoying gnat that shouldn't share the same road.

Back on the east coast in the 80's all the real douche bags drove a Camero Iroc-z.  Out here in 2014 they drive little tricked out Toyota pick-ups.  Time to grow up little men...