Friday, March 07, 2014

Dennis Richardson is a Douche Bag

Dennis Richardson is an asshole and a Douche bag... Driving back home from Portland on 26 tonight I saw that there was at least one of those political signs for his bid for governor every mile and some even closer than a mile. This was from Hillsboro all the way to Cannon Beach Junction. At least 70 or 80 signs in total which are destined to become more land fill; that is if his supporters ever go back to reclaim them from littering one of the most beautiful roads in Oregon. Richardson, your campaign has more money that the organizers have brains. I hope he doesn't even make it past the primary...Douche... I mean really, when has a political lawn sign ever convinced people to vote for any particular candidate.  I know the more signs I see the less likely I will for the candidate...even if I liked them in the beginning.