Thursday, June 29, 2006

Take An Ugly Building, Add Paint...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please. No.

Isn't it alright for a blank wall to look like a blank wall sometimes? Must we paint the Palace of Versailles Gardens or a nature scene on every "unfinished" space?

To me there is so much beauty in an old pitted, cracked, stained, weathered brick or concrete wall that I can't stand to see them "improved."

And if there must be a mural, thenn can the mural be a reflection of the geographical location in which it exists, with consideration to the areas history, both natural and human?

A public mural (or other work of art) can never please everyone, but it should at least be discussed by a community in which it is to appear before it is done.

8:20 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

I have had an appreciation for Trompe L'oeil ever since I saw a piece by Bill Braun where I actually had to touch his canvas to assure my self that it wasn't 3-D.

It is simply a solution to some forms of blight. Your word, "Unfinished" draws people to finish it. Have you ever looked at the big white wall at Costco by the gas pumps? It's a big wall with the words COSTCO. Personally I'd reather see something interesting there.

However there is the problem when the mural fades. They went mural crazy on the Long Beach Penn a few years ago, and now they are all faded, and are returning to the pitted walls they once were.

So, it may be a good question you are presenting here. When is art not welcomed or appreciated. The most visable and common art we see are buildings. At one time every building was on an architects drawing board. Maybe we should be offended by buildings like MCDonalds, The State Building on Marine. The Social Security Building on Bond. How about all those manufactured houses. Talk about blight...I feel an article coming on. Thanks for writing.

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