Sunday, July 23, 2006


I need to congratulate Angela Sidlo for her fine work at the (Dried Salmon County) County Fair Grounds, and it was a big deal that she brought Pro Rodeo here. The place was packed. Denny Holmes, the last person that was able to do something good with the fair grounds, was there as well, so let’s put the dark days of bad management behind us.

Now let me talk about rodeos for a moment. I’ve been to a few, and never paid much attention until last night. I’m starting to wonder why we don’t legalize bull fighting and cock fighting in the USA. We are a cruel culture. First there is calf roping where a guy throws a rope around a calfs neck and jerks it to a sudden stop where its head snaps quickly and its feet fly off the ground. Then this predator swoops down and binds its feet. The look of terror on the faces of these animals was not hard to miss.

Next there is bronco riding where a guy jabs his spurs into a horses neck to piss it off so it will buck more. Come on people, I know it’s your culture, and I remember when you could smoke in hospital waiting rooms. That was a culture, too, and it changed.

Now the thing that pissed me off the most, and this is the second weekend of my doing so (getting pissed off about it), hence me writing again on Sunday… They started the whole thing off asking everyone to stand for a prayer. Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ! Can’t I get away from this? Can’t I just go somewhere without someone shoving their god down my throat.

See, this was going to be a positive article about all the wonderful community people we have here, but I simply can not let the offenders off the hook.

By the way, I hope you enjoy the photo of the animal cruelty theocrat above.


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