Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Drive

I had a speaking engagement in Portland last night. Normally I’m a quiet person who enjoys speaking with my writing, but a couple times a year I am asked to speak, and oddly I don’t mind it. It’s actually fun to have a live audience for a change.

My wife wanted me to use her car because it’s more economical, but I refused. I have to say I love my truck and not because it represents the penis I wish I had or anything like that, but rather this truck has the absolute best sound system I have ever heard. It’s even better than the system I had in my old recording studio.

Besides that my truck has all sorts of instruments in it which I really dig and I get to see the temperature inside and out, and the fuel economy and how many miles I have until I run out of gas and a whole bunch of other stuff.

One more thing is the air conditioning. I can make my truck as cold as a meat locker. Steam comes out of my nostrils when I breathe, no shit… It was in the low 70s when I left the coast and 88 when I hit the Beaverton area. I can’t bear the heat.

I got home just before midnight and now my voice was gone. Not from speaking, but from singing Frank Zappa tunes at the top on my lungs for the two hour trip home. I tell you it is a great sound system in that truck.


Anonymous gearhead said...

Sounds like ol' gearhead needs to set you down, in the direct line of fire of a pair of McIntosh ML-2C loudspeakers. :-;
Perfectly, chrystal-clear fidelity, with the fastest, HEAVYDUTY transient response that makes a baseball bat hit to the chest, pale in comparison. :-o
OOPPS!!! Was I bragging??!!!!!

8:09 PM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Bragging? I'll check with Fritz.

I beg to differ, actually I'll just differ without the begging. Let me tell you exactly how good it is, there is a crack in my windshield caused by Kark Jenkins Requiem. You can crack a wine glass with just about any speaker system, but a windshield...that's power.

7:45 AM  


1:40 AM  

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