Friday, May 18, 2007

Just So Everyone Knows

In the event you listen to or read local news media and you can’t figure out where they are coming from and why; here is a re-cap.

The Daily Astorian is known as a bleeding heart newspaper to some, but I think they just pander to what ever audience they have on any particular day. They are scoop whores, so if you give them the scoop, they are your friend. This is why Josh Marquis gets such good press with them. He tries in cases in the Daily Astorian. He calls Forrester every time he gets a pimple on his ass. Josh knows how to work the press; sensationally. Instead of handling his recent loss of County based funding by negotiation and offering something, or dealing with it in a productive way that would build trust, Josh goes right on the offensive with a headline, “It was like they spit in my face!” Josh is working the media like he always does instead of attempting to find a reasonable solution.

He understands spin and putting people on the defensive. Now the Daily Astorian is asking the County Manager to offer 15% of his salary. Apples and oranges, Forrester! Marquis is employed by the state, Derickson is employed by the County. Scott Derickson is only a messenger who does what the Budget Committee and the Commissioners ask him to do. Forrester have you lost your f-ing mind. You should know better that to try to spin this in Josh's favor. You are way off base. Maybe you are thinking we should throw a 15% tip at the State Police who also do work in this county. Let's not forget the State Parks and Forestry employees. What about all the people who work in the State Building on Marine Drive? 15% for them, too? I think that all the staff of the District Attorney should be employed by the State and the State should pay the County for the court rooms and offices it uses.

Let's say for a moment that maybe all this is about is about people not liking Josh. If you have an entire Budget Committee and a majority of the County Commissioners and County Staff that don't like the DA (throw in a couple hundred blog readers and a couple thousand under-voters), maybe the man is really not wanted here and perhaps he should consider going elsewhere because his presence and credibility is now going to get in the way of the cases he is bringing before the courts. I know that I would have to claim prejudice against the DA if I were selected for jury duty.

Another odd bit about Forrester and Webb, and I’ve mentioned this before, the Astorian endorsed Kulongowski for Governor, but these two endorsed Saxton in the Capitol Press. WTF? You are pandering to your audience, just like the DA.

Next, let’s move onto New Northwest Broadcasters, KAST in particular. This pseudo news organization panders to its conservative base and the dolts that call in on the “I Hate My Neighbor and Everybody is a Jerk” call in show. The host claims to be a Democrat, yet tolerates the Hate Radio format with the racist, (and friend of Josh), Lars Larson, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, and that other old guy who has teeth that whistle. This station will support anything that offers advertising dollars, Bradwood Landing LNG for one.

So we have one news paper that can be bought with a scoop and a promise of continuing scoops, and we have a radio station that one can buy with advertising dollars. Everything you hear or read comes from this base.

Just so every one knows.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


You shine with your writing! Clatsop County is in need of an investigative reporter.
Cindy Price is playing to the voters, nothing is more discusting then crying "poor me", at the expense of a man doing his job!
The Daily Astorian probably has once of the biggest turn over of employee's in the county. The paper is not a good employer obviously.
I was agast to read last nights paper.
Has the Editor not read of all the disputed comments on Marquis ability to write a correct piece? The disputes come from well recognized people.

12:20 PM  
Blogger Mike S said...

Note to self: "find site to this paper Saturday and see what this is about". Sounds interesting. Nothing like local politics to bring out the best and worst of those around us at times:)

10:43 PM  
Blogger Mike S said...

Guy, forgot to mention, I liked your black fly piece. The video has been pulled unfortunatly. Where I now live is rather close to the Quebec border and we go there occasionally in summer for a Sunday drive:)

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thought you might enjoy this.

12:01 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Anon, the editor isn't interested in facts. He writes; he doesn't read.

Mike, I'm not sure if the editorial is available on line without a subscription. And damn the National Film Board of Canada for yanking that clip. It was too funny!

Anon, very funny and appropriate! Hey, so much for me getting out of the Josh business, eh?

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife and I are Josh Marquis and Cindy Price’s neighbors. They are honest, hardworking members of our community. Over the years, I’ve served on an arts board with Cindy, and belonged to a community service organization with Josh, and we’ve had great talks about Astoria history and politics.

Cindy is outgoing and gregarious, extremely smart, wickedly funny, and works hard on writing projects, volunteers for KMUN, and tends her garden, one of the most beautiful on our street. She just gave my wife a garden tour, and knows all of her plants by their domestic and scientific Latin names.

Sometimes I run into Josh after seeing a really whacko "tinfoil-helmet"-type rant on the internet aimed at him, and ask what it's about. After explaining, he often expresses frustration that people don't just ask him. He even has a blog site so that people can do that.

We can all guess who’s behind these attacks. People who yearn for the days when the DA was just another one of the good ol' boys. People who could count on evidence disappearing, certain cases being dropped. People who are related to someone who didn't get to skate on drug charges or a DUII.

Josh is honest and incorruptible. He doesn't do favors for anyone who’s broken the law, no matter who they are. He knows what a conflict of interest looks like, and avoids them at all costs.

This weekend at a neighbor’s potluck dinner party, I asked Both Josh and Cindy not to leave, that we need them. They both said that in spite of the recent insult, they weren’t leaving.

Josh doesn't usually stay too long at parties; he starts giving Cindy a look that says, "please dear, let's get home to the cats" and they generally head home early. Several times he's been called away from events to go back to work. He always takes the calls, and he always goes back to work without complaint, no matter the hour.

The other morning Josh emailed, said I should go look at Mr. Hazen’s blog, that he’d posted that Josh and Cindy are going out of town, which isn't true, and that Cindy is upset. Who knows what nut job with a grudge might come by to vandalize the house, thinking they're gone?

What would prompt someone to do something so irresponsible?

Those of us who want Josh and Cindy to stay need to help right recent wrongs by our elected representatives. Sign petitions. Write letters. Make calls. Vote.

Please, go read Josh's side of the story, at:

Write to:
Clatsop County Commissioners, 800 Exchange Ave., Astoria OR 97103
The Editor, Daily Astorian, 949 Exchange St., Astoria OR 97103 (
Josh Marquis, Clatsop County Courthouse, PO Box 149, Astoria OR 97103

And come to the public hearing that the Clatsop County Commission is holding on Wednesday, June 13, at the "Boyington Building," at Duane and 8th in Astoria. The meeting starts at 9am. Public Comment is early on the agenda.

Sincerely Yours,

Scott Reuter

1:11 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Ahhh, how sweet, Scott. It is so nice to see you Californian folks sticking together. I know you wish all you just said to be true, but lipstick isn't going to work here. Josh is a media cry baby and a bully, always has been, and all the garden tours and parties with his supporters isn't going to change that. Yes he has the support of you, Freel, Forrseter and McGee, however I've got a couple hunderd blog readers who seem to think differently and we would like to see him go. The voice is getting louder. He should consider it before it really damages his career.

5:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott, you sound as tho Marquis is the only person who leaves a dinner party and is called to work. You sound as tho having the best garden means something, I know many gardeners with beautiful gardens who boast they know every plant by name and they work 8 hours a day. Don't try to beef up what Marquis and wife do above the rest of us, makes you sound petty at best!
I want it like it used to be. Justice for all!

6:53 PM  

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