Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Sad Reality of LNG

I have great sympathy for all the like minded people in the Lower Columbia region who are still putting in the effort to try to keep LNG out of our community. Sadly to say, the battle has been lost and many don’t realize it. The LNG horse has long ago left the gate.

People seem to be confused by the present Bradwood Landing ordeal. Many think it is a forum to air their concerns about the industry, but in reality it is only a forum about a zoning issue. The planning committee that conditionally suggested approval did so as an issue exclusive to zoning. Their decision had nothing to do with the evils of the industry it was all about zoning.

The sad reality is that if a zone change is not granted, all Northernstar has to do is report to FERC that the zoning restrictions are unrealistic and it all gets overturned on the Federal level.

Needless to say, LNG is a bad idea and LNG at Bradwood Landing is a disastrous idea. However LNG is coming. There are literally no barriers to the planned LNG facility in Warrenton. It is zoned for LNG and the Port Commissioners literally handed them the keys, twice. The pipeline will happen as soon as a few eminent domain papers are filed.

Senator Betsy Johnson finally found her testicles and came out of the woodwork to argue the point of the opposition that the voters have been begging her to do, but please don’t trust her intentions. She is from Columbia County where LNG is welcomed. She would like nothing better than to remove the evil LNG projects for the liberal Hippies in Clatsop County and deliver the tax revenue to Columbia County. This way she gets more future votes from residents in both counties. It is nothing more than a political ploy.

So in conclusion we are totally screwed because it is coming. Yes, the County Commissioners will be screwed no matter which way they vote on this matter, but realize their vote will be only about the Zoning.

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Anonymous gearhead said...

10:33 pm and not one response to this thoughtful and urgent blog post.
Is it any wonder why things go down the $#!t hole in our state when our citezens hide under their desks when confronted whith real burning issues???!!!!
Oh, I admit; I love to read Guy's blog every morning with my coffee. I enjoy all of the many levels and directions of insight and thought.
But TODAY we are going to deal with some pushing and shoving at the expense of our neighbors.
"OH Guy, please don't make me deal with reality".
0 responses.
Will the boomers ever GROW UP?
O.K. Here is a chance for you people to redeam yourselves.
Blow the dust off of your ballots and vote yes on Measure 49.
Protect Oregon, act now!
We will not have another chance.

10:52 PM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Gearhead, I am surprised by the lack of replies here as well. This is a hot button topic. I'd think I'd have gotten a good spanking if this article was wrong, so I'll just assume the 107 readers are either tired of the subject or just read it and said, "Oh shit, we are screwed."

By the way, you did a good job of turning it around to a pro Measure 49 article.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Janet said...

We ARE screwed,the entire lower Columbia River area is screwed and we have the Bush Administration and their greedy cronies to thank for it. I could see the writing on the wall when I heard that FERC was being given the power to override any and all local opposition to siting of these abominations. Oh, and I already voted for Measure 49. Wish I thought it was going to pass. Again, greed and fear mongering will most likely defeat it. I think the whole state of Oregon is screwed!

8:38 AM  

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