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This measure came about for reasons of spite and greed, and it’s wrapping itself in the flag of “Independence” and “Public Safety.”

The basic fact is that the District Attorney was given three years to learn how to report data to the Board of Commissioners so they could in turn make decisions about staffing. He refused so they took away his stipend. The District Attorney stamped his feet and called together his minion and drafted a spite measure that would make sure he got paid as though he were a Circuit Court Judge, at a rate of 90%-100% of their pay.

Regardless of all the acts going on in the other rings of this circus you are being asked to vote yes if you think the District Attorney should be paid by our county, above what the State pays him. You are asked to vote no if you feel the County should not pay him because of his on-going uncooperative nature and unaccountability to the tax payers. Pure and simple, yes or no.

Now back to the circus. This campaign brought many things to the surface. Documents brought to the surface by the Freedom of Information Act showed that the DA worked with a County Commissioner to get this measure on the ballot.

It brought to the surface how out of control the wife of the DA and former candidate for County Commissioner, Cindy Price is. She is a street fighter, giving the finger to Commissioners, mouthing the words "Fuck You" to Richard Lee at a Board of Commissioners meeting. Shouting insults to the County PIO person. Had she been elected she would have made the Barrett/Buckmaster years look like pillow fight at a slumber party.

It brought to the surface how biased our local paper, the Daily Astorian, now called by many, The Daily Marquis. The paper has blatant lack of objectivity and balance in their reporting and coverage of this matter. They are looking for some sort of "Smoking Gun", however had they read Jerry Spence book, "The Smoking Gun" they might have a better idea of just who they are ruining their reputation for. The Daily Marquis is now a tabloids and their reputation is in the toilet, badly needing a flush. Readers wonder how their bias is coloring other stories in their paper. Can the community trust in anything that is published there? Perhaps not.

Even the more worse for wear is our District Attorney. We have had to long endure his massive ego, his constant appearances on the racist Lars Larson’s radio show and his and his nationally known advocacy of the death penalty. We now have had a chance to glimpse his greed, his connections, his temper, his lies and his poor math skills. This man is an officer of the court and his behavior is unbecoming of someone in his position.

He divided the community and probably can no longer put together and objective jury in this County. This is a total injustice to anyone appearing in court in this county. The entire judicial process here has been tainted here.

I sincerely believe it is time for Mr. Marquis to leave his position. His command and status here is far beyond repair. He is unelectable and probably needs to spend some time working in some other field of law outside of the lime light in order to rebuild any career before his retirement years.

A “No” vote on this issue is the only reasonable action a voter can take to end the insanity and let the county move on. The Independent DA camp already has plans to start a recall campaign if this measure passes. They want to recall all Commissioners other than Sam Patrick, or as some call him, “Patsy.” This action will further divide the citizens and further cripple the County. It is one bad/spiteful decision after another coming from that camp. This needs to be nipped in the bud and stopped now.

Mr. Marquis threatened to send out his resume if this measure fails. He said that if this measure fails he doesn't think he can work withe "these people." But I guess for a couple of thousand extra every month he could. So it is all about the money after all. I say let him leave, and let's have a fresh start with someone else who can gain the support of everyone in the community. We need to remove the obstacle to community building. Please vote No on 4-123 and get our County back on track.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This says it all. This is the editorial we should be reading in the Daily A. In our dreams.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for a "fair and balanced" up date.

1:33 PM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Considering Josh had a full hour on KAST and a full hour on Lars and yet another front page story on the Daily Marquis, and I have about 120 readers a day, there is still no such thing as fair and balanced. He keep spouting that 3000 people signed the petition for him, neglecting that many signed so they can vote against him.

Special thanks to Matt and Peggy who called into Lars to counter his lies today.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those productions today: First coast watch and then Lars Larson we such a bunch of bull. Both Freel and Lars were so anti anything approaching the no ballot, I wanted to puke. Freel at least didn't laugh very much at all the negative responses but Lars was totally an ass and bully. Thanks to Peggy from Seaside, as they tried to beat her up but she held her ground, until she knew it wasn't in the cards to get a straight answer. The DA is using the term lie frequently and is trying to give the impression he and his election staff are above reproach. They have called for an investigation and already have hung Samuelson, Lee, and Cindy. I feel they are close to having a lawsuit filed against them for character assassination. I get the bad feeling the DA feels above approach and has such a huge ego its blocked his senses. Sorry my ballot is marked no.

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every time I see Don Haskel's nonsensical ramblings in the Daily Maquis, it makes me wonder A) Is that why he gave up that prestigious position in that Chicago law firm in the prime of his life? B) How much did the county spend on high priceed out of town lawyers getting him out of that obvious conflict of interest charge when he, as a major Astoria landlord and county commissioner did not recuse himself from voting on the transfer of Emerald Heights. Anyone remember?

4:38 PM  

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