Friday, October 30, 2009


I got an email this week from a new Rust reader asking me if I knew anything about the Astoria Elks Ballroom and if I had heard anything about it being haunted.

Funny thing about haunting; either you believe it or you don't. When I was much younger I worked in a Jacobean mansion for ten years. There were all sorts of stories about this place, however having worked there at all different hours as a librarian and as night watchman I never saw anything out of the ordinary except for the behavior of the priests that lived there.

The closest thing I've ever experienced which some may call a haunting was a creepy feeling I once felt on top of Mt Washington in New Hampshire. There were no ghostly images, it just felt creepy being there. It was cold and grey moonscape. There was a story in Yankee Magazine once about how creepy that mountain is.

The only other time I got totally creeped out was once when I was hiking in New York State in an area called Sterling Forest. I found myself in a laurel swamp where I had to bend over to walk through the laurels and I also had to step high over the low branches. This place was littered with thousands of deer antlers as though it were a bone yard. It was cool and I collected a half dozen interesting racks, but it seemed the more racks I collected the more lost I became and the thicker and more difficult the brush was to navigate through. Even looking back to where I had just come from it seemed like the trail closed into a wall behind me. I got the feeling that I shouldn’t be removing any of the antlers and as soon as I put them down the sun shined on a path for my exit. I left and never returned and I never shared the location with anyone.


Blogger darev2005 said...

Hell, the place I work is so cliche' I wouldn't believe it if I didn't work there. A prison that used to be an old mental hospital from the turn of the century. The place should be named "Overused Cliche' Correctional Center". And haunted like nobody's business. Got at least two in the house I work in and it's one of the newer ones! Creepy ass place.

7:18 AM  
Blogger Joni said...

They say that if you remove volcanic rock from certain places in the Hawaiian Islands, you will be cursed until you send it back!

Your antler story gave me a chill, but I can actually envision it happening.

Darev I'm pretty sure I'd get totally freaked out where you work!

Yikes! Happy Halloween!

11:04 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

You know how much I love paranormal stuff, but I find the fact that you were a librarian WAY more awesome.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Guy said...

Darev, your place is haunted by the living.

Joni, this reminds me of a story by I think either Brautigan, Bradbury where someone had their shadow nailed to the floor. Darev, do you recall who wrote it?

Amy, you will be very entertained to search the word library in my archives. That's all I'm saying...

6:06 AM  

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