Thursday, July 27, 2006

When Exactly Did Cannon Beach Start Sucking?

Was it when they knocked down the Round Table to build the Post Office? Was it when they built Ecola Square? Was it when they tore down the Whaler and put in more stupid shops? Was it when they yuppified Bill’s Tavern? I know for sure it was before the Pig N Pancake came to town.

When did Manzanita start sucking? Was it when Lynn closed down the Log Cabin? Was it when they repaved and added sidewalks?

Why is it all resort towns are all basically the same? They have the same architecture, the same uniqueness, (Yes, I said that, move on if you didn’t catch it.) They all sell the same high end crap.

Aren’t there any safe unique areas left between the sameness of the Wal*Mart Shop-O-Rama suburbs and the cedar-shake with white trim and phoney gas fireplace resort bullshit of the Coast, Sunriver and Sisters?


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