Monday, August 28, 2006

Little Boxes

I really miss the days when houses were small. Occasionally I get to visit people who live in small houses. When done correctly it seems like a charmed way to live; that is if you can do it without clutter.

A small house can be like the TARDIS (a Doctor Who reference) which is dimensionally transverse, meaning larger on the inside than would appear on the outside.

Many of the small houses out there are perfect for one person occupancy. I’m talking about the small one bedroom beach bungalow. They are easy to heat and maintain. You can replace a roof in a day. It’s really simple and one step up from a yurt.

However, in these modern days I find that it is important to have at least two bathrooms, and I find it important that the bedroom be able to accommodate a king size bed. So while I long for the simplicity of a small house, I am trapped in a 3500 sq foot house of my own design because of some stupid creature comforts that I’ve picked up along the way.

This house, like the photo above is a vacuum that can suck the energy out of its occupants and the universe. Someday I will down size. There is a lot to be said for a house where you can look in the front door and see out the back door. A house where the smell of coffee and food cooking fills every room instantly.

Who am I trying to kid? I could never go back to that…I mean everything that happens in the bathroom is instantly broadcast to everyone else in the house. Not being able to sleep keeps everyone else awake as well. No room for two people in the kitchen. No room for a baby grand, not that I’d ever want one, but it’s nice to have room for one. I guess I should live big now. I will be in a little box soon enough.


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