Saturday, September 02, 2006

Oregon State Fair

I took the day off from the farm yesterday and made my annual pilgrimage to the Oregon State Fair. I saw some locals from Dried Salmon County with their sheep and goats. It’s fun when things like the Fair make the world a smaller place.

At first I thought the attendance was low while I was waiting in line for the gates to open at 11am, but then five school buses from South Dakota dropped off what seemed to be every Native American teenager in the state of South Dakota. Lots of good kids with good energy. That is a long way to come.

The Fair is a good place to see hard core Carneys, and see vendors that sell all sorts of future landfill. Man they sell some tacky shit. I always find it funny to see all the people who sit in the audience for cooking and cook ware demonstrations. The stuff they make smells so good you want to buy what they are selling. Fortunately I’m not an easy sell. Besides I’d always consult master chief, Syd before making any purchases of that nature.

I was good, though. I didn’t buy anything. Not even Fair food. I didn’t want to risk having an upset stomach for the two and a half hour ride home.

I only stayed for about four hours because I had to get home to take care of the animals. When I left Salem it was 98 degrees and I was dismayed to find that after two trips to the shop my air conditioner wasn’t fully operational.

Another thing I noticed was that the really bad assholes on the road had Washington plates. I think every state makes this claim against their neighboring state, but today it wasn’t just a claim, it was a fact.

By the way, if you are reading this and live in another state and you were wondering if we have White Trash in Oregon, please look at the photo at the top of this story and your question will be answered. This is a sign that is posted on both ends of the tram.


Blogger Lee said...

I hate it when the man tells us where to spit...bastards ;)

12:22 PM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

If that sign were in New York there would be so much spit over it that it wouldn't be readable.

1:05 PM  

snoose chewers and truckstop prophets that capitolize on pepsi products that reckon to "john wayne" the meth heads!!! This is a good thing. BIODIESEL YALL..

12:18 PM  

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