Sunday, August 05, 2007

County Fair 2007

I again feel enriched now that the Dried Salmon (Clatsop) County Fair has ended for another year. I got to talk to folks I only see at the fair every year. We get caught up in the events and lives of our families over the last year. I also saw Mo3 and met Slave Hubby for the first time.

Many have children that are off to college and are no longer exhibiting but come back to help others. The Fair was a big part of these children’s lives for many years. They prepared all year for the competition and either did well or did not, but they all had fun in the long haul. It is said a trip well traveled is often better than arriving.

There are families so entrenched in the Fair and it is great just to see the intensity of their love. I don’t know them all but a few that come to mind are the Weaver, Hecox, Edwards, Jasper, Rowland, Skipper, Johnson, Harn, and Nyberg families just to name a few. I have a lot of respect for what you do.

I was proud to see one of my former horses competing and picking all sorts of awards. I got choked up with pride every time she and her rider entered the arena.

I was happy to see the showmanship that all the animal owners had with the animals they care for every day.

I had one of the best steaks at a cook-out there on Thursday night. I enjoyed seeing the Master Gardener Demo Garden. Walt John has been the driving force behind that garden since it started and it was good to see him there in his favorite place.

On the sad side, it seems as though attendance was down yet again. Fewer local businesses had booths. Georgia Pacific wasn’t there, and the space that used to have businesses was filled by the County Police, the Army and an RV dealer. I will encourage the Fair Manager to use their website to better market the Fair next year.

All and all, the kids were there with their animals and that’s what the Fair is all about for me. Congratulations to all the FFA and 4-H participants, you did good. I’m happy to live in a county that is supportive of your efforts. See you at the State Fair.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I may be talking out of school, here, but I believe the reason the fair has few vendors is because of the verging-on-extortion rates they've charged in the past for a booth. Vendors have to make a fortune for it to be worth while.

It's also not worth it for vendors to cough up the dough because the fair doesn't advertise. I see you must have checked out their web page. It sucks.

The lack of proper advertising would also explain the lack of attendance.

6:52 PM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

I agree. I'll be working on a list of things that could improve the Fair next year. Feel free to share your ideas.

8:41 AM  

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