Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Getting back to the ducks, if I may; another thing they did really well was expose nay junk that ended up in your lawn. It here was something there that wasn’t suppose to be there they would unearth it and leave it where you could see it.

The man who owned my house before me used to smoke Tiperello cigars. These were the thin roll of tobacco with a white plastic tip that would go into ones mouth. He didn’t smoke them in the house so the lawn was littered with the plastic tips. Every day the ducks would unearth several of them.

After not having the ducks now for several years I had forgotten about the Tiperello tips, however I recently needed some fill dirt for a project I was working on and I hooked a trailer onto my garden tractor and drove up on the hill to get some dirt. Any time a tree is uprooted up there one can find good soft dirt under the root ball.

The trailer holds about 10 cubic feet of dirt and I went up for about 12 loads. Oddly on my final load something plastic and white got my attention. Sure enough it was a Tiperello tip. The previous owner must have put out one of his cigars around this tree and twenty years later it turned up in a pile of dirt I was digging.

Plastic is forever. I bet that if I got ducks again they’d start uncovering all the ones the previous ducks didn’t.

BY the way, I was going to have a photograph of the plastic Tiperillo cigar tip for you, but I placed it in the dish washer to clean it up first, however it mush have been washed down the drain because I couldn't find it when I emptied the dish washer. I guess it will be found once again the next time I have the septic tank pumped.


Blogger Mike S said...

Just think what archeologists a millenia from now will think: "Possibly some article used for worshiping their deities on this sacred duck habitat. As we know from their writings that have survived, ducks were considered gods at that time."

8:10 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

"Getting back to ducks, if I may..."
Of course you may! It's your blog.
You are such a gentleman!

I love finding buried treasures in the yard - a little bit of history to ponder.

8:59 AM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Mike, that same historical mistake may be made around NASCAR as well.

Beth, Too bad the ducks only found Tiperillo butts and nothing that would assist me in their upkeep.

6:00 AM  

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