Sunday, September 03, 2006


I had my first BLT of the year tonight. It was so sweet, and very much like my first BLT every year.

Yes, it is September and most people have been having BLTs for months now, but those of you from warmed climates simply don’t understand how hard it is to grow tomatoes here. As you’ve heard me say before when it is in the 90s elsewhere it is 65 here on the coast. Tomatoes don’t like that. They like hot humid nights.

If one tries to grow tomatoes outside here they will usually blight in mid August, and your crop is ruined. I built a green house specifically to grow tomatoes, peppers and basil; the three plants that are not suited for our cool evenings.

Fortunately the greenhouse does a good job extending their season, and the latest I’ve had fresh tomatoes was January 21st.

Tomatoes are a joy in my life.


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