Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Problem with Corn

As a nation we are eating way too much corn. Sounds like I’m joking, right? Well I’m not. Think of all the products that we eat with corn in it. Most companies who are running on the cheap started substituting high fructose corn syrup for sugar years ago. Coke, Pepsi, and you would be surprised how many other food products it turn up in.

If you buy maple syrup and if it doesn’t say 100% pure maple syrup, it’s maple flavored corn syrup. Cheep honey? Yep they cut it with HFCS.

Then there are all the corn based cereals, corn flakes, corn pops… Then there is all the corn flour used to make corn breads, corn chips and corn tortillas. There is always creamed corn, corn dogs and corn on the cob. Let’s not forget corn starch. Corn is fed to livestock and is also turned into ethanol.

So what’s the problem with consuming corn? First it isn’t all that healthy for you to have that much of anything in your diet. Next the problem may be what the future holds. Think back to the potato blight in Ireland. What would happen if there ever was a corn blight? Not possible you might think, but have you heard about the soy blight that is sweeping across the country. Probably not, because the news media finds our food supply too boring to report on. They don’t report on BSE either. They don’t report about Monsanto trying to get the dairy industry to once again accept rBST growth hormones, which they sell, by the way.

Our food is a very personal thing to all of us. Just for a kick in the pants, pull a couple products out of your pantry and read the labels. You may wonder what these corporations are trying to do to you in the name of their profit margin.



One can of corn will catch a whole lotta catfish, one nail and a hammer and pliers will help you skin a whole lot catfish- if your not cannin and puttin the labels on, ya aint getting paid- werkin with the teamsters or I dublya dublya- workin on cannery row singin bob dylan born again baptismals for permanent bar fixtures.

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