Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blue Berries, Finally

It seems that every year the birds find a way to rob us of our blue berry crop. Years ago I enclosed the blue berries inside a wooden fence to keep the deer out and we got blueberries. The next year I was looking at the crop one evening and I planned to go out to pick them the first thing the next morning, but when I got out there a flock of robins had stripped every branch of every berry. The next year I draped bird netting over the fence, but the birds found any gap in the junction of the cloth and got in and wiped us out again.

This year I got more bird netting and closed up every possible hole where even a humming bird could get in and finally we have the problem licked. We actually have a crop and are now freezing berries to use the rest of the year. So far we've put up over a gallon of them with more to come.

Next will be the black berry crop.


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