Saturday, August 05, 2006

From the Mail Bag

Quite a few readers of this blog prefer to send me an email message rather than post a comment. That'’s cool. I generally try to respond to both. I do get more questions in email, where in the blog comments I get comments.

You stated that you don'’t normally write on Sunday. How Come?
Do you think it'’s easy to come up with this shit every day? I love writing but I have to go to bed sooner or later. And yes I do write my stuff the night before posting. Sometimes I'’ll even pop out a few articles a night, and they are in the bank for when I draw a blank or when am too lazy to write something. I like to sleep on it before committing to an article, unless I get really pissed about something like "“Lars is a Racist."”

How come you only post once a day?
I don'’t have a staff, and this blog isn'’t my entire life. Sometimes I do post more than once a day, but that is only when I am pissed.

Would you like to hear how the Lord has changed my life?
This question should never be asked of me. Save your breath and devote your time to your missionary work where you can screw up more cultures on earth. But be aware, I'’m going to write about it.

What is your problem with Wal*Mart?
What rock are you living under? Get your head out of Paul Harvey'’s ass. When Wal*Mart becomes a monopoly in your community you will feel pain.

Why is your writing so bitchy?
As I answered one comment on the blog, "I am tourtured."”

I got a lot of mail over yesterdays post:
I see you'’ve been removed from the Daily 750 blog roll. Short honeymoon wasn'’t it?

Personally, I thought it was odd for me to end up there in the first place. I guess she was so distracted by me pointing a stick at her political opponent that she overlooked reading my archives. This is why I only have one blog on my blog roll. I'’ve read every word and comment there. I haven'’t listed any local blogs either and that is because I haven'’t taken the time to read them from the beginning to the end. I wouldn't want to guide my readers to places I haven't been.

Where did you come up with your info for the post?
Actually, at the County Fair. It was red hat day, and I was listening to a couple red hatters talking about Don and Marilyn leaving for Colorado next week and their awful experience. I asked a couple of questions, made a few calls, saw the Astorian and wham bam... So it'’s not just me thinking and experiencing this stuff in this County. There is an entire thing going on out there. As for my journalistic credibility, this is a blog not the friggin Washington Post. If you don'’t like what I write, don'’t come back. Maybe what I write is all bullshit, and maybe it is all true and maybe it is somewhere between like true bullshit.

Do you read other local Blogs?
Usually only when one of the local bloggers posts a comment here, I'’ll swing over to see what they are up to. I'’ve never met any of them face to face. They are for the most part pretty deep end news/politics blogs. These dudes are passionate, and they seem to know what they are talking about. I have a short attention span so that deep end political stuff bores me pretty quickly. It's kind of like the regulars who hang around in a barber shop. They all have their comments, and you can pretty much bet what they are going to say, and you go back for another haircut two months later and they are still talking about the same stuff.

OK, that all the mail for this week.


Blogger Syd said...

LOL, I thought all you West Coasters were so easy going, or at least too busy hugging trees to be bitchy. (please take that with all the love that is intended)

I really don't know what I did to deserve you as a reader, but I am so twisted, twisted man. ;)

12:36 PM  
Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

You've got it all wrong Syd. The tree huggers are all really pissed off right now. With global warming it's getting too hot to wear the knit caps. It got up into the 70s here last week.

As for your blog,it's almost like a TV series, where after viewing it you feel like you are part of the family. It may be time for you to tell everyone again what TLF stands for, because that is burried in your archives.

7:04 AM  

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